Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Ice Week! Mill tour and Peg Weaving!

It's official!  We're having a nice ice break from school.  This comes at a good time, as we have already started the countdown, 75 days.  Dawn and I went to Asheville this past weekend to go to Echoview Fiber Mill, where I was researching an article.  We had a great time and ended up going to Woolworth's lunch counter for some grilled cheese and tuna melt action, and some egg creams.  We also went to a tea and spice shop, where I got some rose petals to add to some spice mixes, and ate dinner at Luella's BBQ, which was delish.

The day at the mill was lovely and Julie Jensen was a fantabulous hostess.  We made fast friends with the canine pack, and our accommodations had a lovely view overlooking Tennessee.  The mill is amazing, from the building to the layout, everything was well thought out.   We toured the facility and in one room, Julie showed us a peg loom with some weaving in progress from selvedge scraps leftover from a fabric mill.  I was smitten, and the loom haunted me for days to come.  After marathon watching videos about peg loom weaving, it was time to go outside and find a log.  Yes, I have some scrap wood in the shed, but I really wanted a log.  Don't ask me why.  Here are some crappy iPhone videos that document the beginning of the project.

I apologize for not finishing the video series.  My archaic iPhone 4 has met memory capacity, and I was roaring to get started on the cat rug, so I finished my rug in a few hours.  Suffice to say, there are plenty of peg weaving videos, so my novice snippets are all you're getting!

Here are photos of the rug.  Cat approved!




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