Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monkey Business

Trying to keep up with my pseudo-blog. When I look around the web and I compare my blog to others, I get very dejected. It's lacking pictures, witty comments of the state of the world or my life, and sadly absent of fiber pr0n. Oh well. I'm asking DH for a new camera. Somehow, unbeknowst to me, I've lost 2 cameras. I think I know what happened to one, but the other? Who knows. The last camera we bought is huge and I take sucky pictures with it. I just don't like it. I want a slim compact point and shoot which is easily connected to my computer and transfers pictures. Not too much to ask. Anyway, I promise more fiber, more pictures and more frequent posts.

I've joined a few groups on Ravelry, which I'm excited about. One is for toe-up socks. I'm determined to make three pairs of socks before the end of the year. I know I can do it!!!

Lastly, I made this. It is soooooo good. The question was "What can I bake when I have no eggs, no milk, no cocoa powder, no honey and no maple syrup?" Answer: Chocolate Monkey Bread. It was awesome. The house smells like chocolatety goodness. I'll make it again with some more juiciness, like the original.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Happened?

OK, seriously, something is wrong with me. All week I've been obsessed with making a sock with my Rhinebeck yarn, Aussi Sock by Oasis in Faded Valentine. I sketched the sock (You'll never see it because it looks like a 5 year old drew it. And people wonder why I never pursued a fashion career!), I picked out the stitch pattern, I found a formula for toe-ups that look promising, chose a ruffle pattern, the ribbon I need for finishing, figured out what kind of cast-on I will use, etc. I've researched on Ravelry, joined two groups, one for socks and one for knitters who try new things all the time and don't know what the hell they're doing. I demonstrated using dpns to a co-worker using said stitch pattern to show how easy it is to work a sock. This morning I decided I will try the turkish cast on, because it eliminates mykitchener stitch, which is an abomination of a technique in my hands. I unraveled my mini-swatch, and started to make a slipknot. Wait a minute. How do you make a slipknot? OMG! Why can't I make this *&%$^* slipknot?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually had to google a tutorial. That is so embarassing. I've been making slipknots with relative frequency for 20 years and this morning, my brain went dead. Lord help me!!!!! Anyway, after I looked at the picture, I was like, Oh Yeah, that's how you do it. Now it's back to automatic. For some reason this projects scares the bejesus out of me. I'm so scared to use my sacred yarn and make a zillion mistakes. I feel like a nervous wreck. I need a support group. Oh that's right, I joined one on Ravelry. How sad. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rhinebeck Rocks :)

Yeah baby!!! Rhinebeck was awesome. This is the first year I went with a bus and it was great. Driving back home after the bus was a bit nightmarish, but still, it was doable. I'd rather drive an hour than four. I got some kewl stuff and bought some uber-soft tussah and merino roving that was sold to me by a customer of the store. She kept going on about how she comes back every year to buy some more. I couldn't resist. I also bought some sock yarn for myself. It's like neopolitan ice cream. It makes me hungry. I met the Plucky Knitter, the Ravelry people and Hello Yarn, which was fun. Knitting celebrity. Who'd of thunk it? I'm ready to knit again. The apartment is about 68 degrees. Perfect for knitting and pumpkin pie. Mmm. Punkin' pie. Yea. I'll be knitting in a little while...must...preheat...oven.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fix Me, Elixer!!!

Ugh. Sick with a cold and a stye. I hate styes. Luckily, it's been a long time since I had one. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what I do with them. I read a lot about tea bags and washclothes. I didn't like tea dripping down my face and the bag would not stay warm. The washclohth also cooled off too fast. I came up with a paper towel filled with dry rice, and tied on top and a wet washcloth. First, heat the rice in the microwave for 30 seconds. Put the damp washcloth on your eye and then the hot rice pack. Lay there with it on the styed eye until the rice cools off, about 10-15 minutes. Make sure it's not too hot. Initially, I would put fold the washcloth into two layers, then as it cooled down, one layer. Then I took two Tylenol and put some stye ointment on it. Well see how it goes. Stye treatment down, cold treatment to go.

I've been working on a recipe for my "Common Cold Fix-Up Elixer" I posted the label for all to see. I can't sell it because it makes health claims and contains alcohol. I can, however, freely give it to my friends and family. I'm thinking of making cold care xmas baskets, seeing as January usually brings a slew of nasty viruses. There will be an elixer mug, elixer, rice heating pad, herbal blend for steaming and sea salt for decongesting the nose, as well as chix soup in a jar. It's definitely good for my family, they're always sick. Oh, and puffs with vicks and vicks vapor rub. MMMmm MMMmm good.

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