Monday, July 6, 2015

Updates galore!

Hello my trusty follower!  It's been crazy here in NC, but that's soon to slow down a bit.  The great thing is a have a new job teaching in a self-contained autism classroom.  Years of hard work, money spent, tears and milestones, and I finally, I mean finally am getting the job I've wanted all along.  I hope I am not disappointed by the reality of it.  Looking forward to being back with my AU population.  I've missed them dearly.

I had a summer job but lost it, since there was no more work.  As stressful as it is to worry about lacking cash, it's nice to know I have a few weeks of free time.  I haven't had more than one and a half weeks off in years.  Haven't had a month off in forever.  This could work.

Been learning how to swim freestyle in the morning, which has been going ok.  Fibromyalgia stuff hasn't come up, and it's going to take a while to get back to a healthy place after years of bodily neglect.  Excited to get back to my old self in some capacity.  One day at a time :D

Tour de Fleece is up and running, so that is going well.  Finished three Loop singles skeins and am looking forward to getting more done.  A while back I joined a group called "50 skeins" with the intention of spinning 50 skeins in one year, but alas, have not done so well with this goal.  Making up for lost time will be fun.  I don't know that I've even spun one skein this year, embarrassingly enough.  To have three now makes me happy.

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