Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rhinebeck Rocks :)

Yeah baby!!! Rhinebeck was awesome. This is the first year I went with a bus and it was great. Driving back home after the bus was a bit nightmarish, but still, it was doable. I'd rather drive an hour than four. I got some kewl stuff and bought some uber-soft tussah and merino roving that was sold to me by a customer of the store. She kept going on about how she comes back every year to buy some more. I couldn't resist. I also bought some sock yarn for myself. It's like neopolitan ice cream. It makes me hungry. I met the Plucky Knitter, the Ravelry people and Hello Yarn, which was fun. Knitting celebrity. Who'd of thunk it? I'm ready to knit again. The apartment is about 68 degrees. Perfect for knitting and pumpkin pie. Mmm. Punkin' pie. Yea. I'll be knitting in a little while...must...preheat...oven.....


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