Monday, October 13, 2008

Fix Me, Elixer!!!

Ugh. Sick with a cold and a stye. I hate styes. Luckily, it's been a long time since I had one. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what I do with them. I read a lot about tea bags and washclothes. I didn't like tea dripping down my face and the bag would not stay warm. The washclohth also cooled off too fast. I came up with a paper towel filled with dry rice, and tied on top and a wet washcloth. First, heat the rice in the microwave for 30 seconds. Put the damp washcloth on your eye and then the hot rice pack. Lay there with it on the styed eye until the rice cools off, about 10-15 minutes. Make sure it's not too hot. Initially, I would put fold the washcloth into two layers, then as it cooled down, one layer. Then I took two Tylenol and put some stye ointment on it. Well see how it goes. Stye treatment down, cold treatment to go.

I've been working on a recipe for my "Common Cold Fix-Up Elixer" I posted the label for all to see. I can't sell it because it makes health claims and contains alcohol. I can, however, freely give it to my friends and family. I'm thinking of making cold care xmas baskets, seeing as January usually brings a slew of nasty viruses. There will be an elixer mug, elixer, rice heating pad, herbal blend for steaming and sea salt for decongesting the nose, as well as chix soup in a jar. It's definitely good for my family, they're always sick. Oh, and puffs with vicks and vicks vapor rub. MMMmm MMMmm good.

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