Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

New year, new outlook, new resolution..

Yes, I'm still here, somewhere! School sucks the fun out of life as well as the life out of me. This 5 week hiatus is doing me well. I even caught myself smiling and in a good mood this morning. Who is this person and what have you done to the real author of this blog? Been thinking about fiber a lot lately. Too much fleece, not enough time. Wish I could finish school this semester, but alas, I have three more semesters. At least I might get to graduate in Radio City Music Hall. That would be chaotic but cool.

So salsa is no mas because of serious foot trouble, and I refuse to go back until I know for sure that they can take the beating. It looks like adios for another few months. J and I soaped like madwomen for Christmas and made lots of cool stuff. One of my cousin's husbands ended up using a glitter bomb by accident and called us up wondering how to get the stuff off him. I wish I was a fly on the wall in the sanitation department when he went to work today! My internet has been wacky and won't work on my computer, so it's been sucky. I really need to get this problem fixed by the time school starts.

My resolution is to make weekly menu plans with my husband on sundays so that we can cook at home every night and have lunch for work the next day. So far it's week 2 and we're doing great. We had an awesome roast chicken dinner with stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes and string beans. Mmm-mm good. DH has been pretty supportive of my goal and has been very nice about the whole thing. I hope that it continues after school starts. He will be taking an EMT course on Sundays for the whole day, so maybe he will understand why I'm always stressed out during school. The good thing is a whole summer off from school-school. I get a total of 5 weeks off from work-school, so I'm looking forward to a restful time.

On Saturday, I found myself at Bally with a complimentary 8-week guest pass courtesy of the Discovery Channel in honor of the National Body Challenge. I'm sore and tired, and boy does it suck writing down everything you eat. I applaud all those who have gone through this countless times. 8 weeks doesn't seem that long, so, I think I can make some changes in the right direction. I even have a plan for long days when I'm in school. Last year, I just ate candy and junk food on those days until I got home.

National Pie Day is upon us (January 23rd) and I look forward to Pie festivities again this year. Last year was such a smashing success that I hope to make this year even better.

Everything is as good as it's been in a long time, so bye for now.


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