Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Dance!

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Well, here's a sad map of where I've been in the US. Too bad I can't count Canada! Even though it was only the cornfields outside Montreal. Sad, but true. I really need to get out more! Ooo, also the Caribbean. And Paris. Twice. One day hubby and I will get that Airstream and trailer our way across America! One day....

In other news, today is D-day. Yes. The dreaded last day of Vacation. It's time to go back to work and truthfully, I'm not ready. No. I'm not ready. sigh Today I must have a marathon cleaning session with hubby so that I can go back to work tomorrow with a clear head. Hmmm. He goes back tomorrow, too. Also, I'd like to get back to 7 day meal planning if possible. That will also make me happy! Signing off to do housework. Blech.


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