Thursday, March 27, 2014

Counting Down...

It seems it the time of the school year for count downs.  Some teachers are counting down days till spring break.  Others are dutifully ticking off the days till the end of the school year.  Or End of Grade testing (EOGs). I, however am hyper-aware of my last teacher-prep program observation.  Tomorrow.  I found out I have passed my large project portfolio, so am elated about that.  Still, I worry.  It could be said I am a poster child for low self-esteem.  Everytime there's a test or evaluation, I fear failure.  Most times I do really well.  I sincerely hope that this impending feeling of doom about tomorrow is in my crazy head. I may have a break down when my certification becomes a reality.  This is a road I've been traveling for the better of ten years.  It's almost over!!

In other breaking news,we spent some cash last weekend.  We had been using the patio set from NY as our kitchen table, but because it's round, the chairs don't push all the way in and it blocks the back door and the refrigerator.  I had been looking for a rectangular table that has chairs that push in and found one at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. That place is awesome!  It was more than what I wanted to pay ($125) but is worth it, since it has fold down leaves that make the rectangle a circle, and two center leaves that make the circle an oval, it's pretty versatile.  Especially since we don't have a dining room and it's the only table we have.   Love it!!


Then, on Sunday, we bought a truck.  A serious, real truck.  Not like the Ranger.  It's a 1988 F-150 XLT Lariat.  It has an extended cab and a long bed.  Two gas tanks and 8 cylinders.  A little overkill? Perhaps, but in the spirit of my current life motto, "Farm in 5",  I think it's perfect :D  Currently, it's undergoing repairs to make it inspection worthy, but hopefully we'll have it tomorrow.  Seems it was lacking an exhaust system.  No wonder it sounded like a monster!  We call it the Tardis, since when my husband first drove it he exclaimed, "What the fuck is this, a time machine?  Why are there so many knobs and buttons everywhere?!"  He is such a character.



Sara MacKenzie said...

Good luck on your results...I'm sure you'll do fine.

And the truck, squeee! Europe has conditioned me to think a Mini Cooper is a pretty roomy car, so that thing is a tank. :)

miukat said...

I thought about the European perspective as I was writing this and thought the same thing. Damn Americans and their gas guzzling! Good thing I only have to drive it about 4 miles a day!

Sara MacKenzie said...

I only allow my mother to continue to date her beau because I am in love with his truck and he'll let me drive sometimes if I'm nice.

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