Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pepsi Wars

So we're having a beverage war in my house. It seems that DH is unwilling to give up his no. 1 vice, PEPSI. I've given up Dr. Pepper, not that I drink it so often, but it's a given with Chinese and barbeque. In any case, Trader Joe's has stopped stocking what DH thinks is the best lemonade ever. It was only $1 a package and made about 3 quarts at DH's level of optimal watering down. Well, I found a way to one-up him. The dollar store around the corner carries awesome Polish foods. I found herbal teas in cellophane packages to make up aguas frescas and mint iced tea. I found that the hibiscus or "jamaica" flowers at Western Beef were far more expensive than the mixed fruits, herbs and berries in the herbal tea mix and hibiscus is an added bonus. They only cost $1.39 so I've stocked up. Yum.


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