Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's the Final Countdown!!!

Boston is on my mind. Diamondgirl and I are going to have fabulous time!!!!!!!! In any case, I'm crazy as a batt. I've been carding up something fierce in hopes of swapping out some of my stash that I've had forever for some brandy new fibery goodness. Now I'm ending up with the same problem as with my yarn and my clothes. What will I really use? I don't spin for big projects. Maybe I'll stick to art yarns for fun and luxury yarn for nightgowns and such. We'll see :D

I dragged all my stuff out of the craft room in an attempt to organize it and have only discovered that it is a mess and will not be tamed. Imagine an area where I can actually sit or spin or read. What's that? I seriously need to rethink that space. My crap has spilled out into every windowsill, corner and table in the house
In other news, a casting on frenzy has ensued. I started a hot water bottle cozy for dad, a sisal cabled doormat, D's bikini and I don't plan on stopping here. I'm sick, I tell you. Sick.
I really should start burning my music collection now. 5 hours is a long time without the ability to control my music.


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