Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So, how was Boston? Day 1

OK. I'm exhausted. My body aches all over, I'd like to cut off my feet but it was SO worth it :D

On Friday, I woke up feeling much improved from the previous days' disease. I began to try to clean up the apartment, knowing that if I return to my cluttered, messy, dark apartment after spending the weekend in a fabulous bed and breakfast, I might just jump out my window. (I only live on the second floor, so I'd probably end up with a broken ankle, and worse off than before!) So, I began cleaning, using the gather and toss method, grabbing piles of fleece and fiber and yarn, UFO's, and whatever is supposed to be in the craft room, and tossing into said room, and closing the door. I gathered up the dirty laundry, made the bed, put all my shoes away, except for two pairs that I use often and did the dishes. I also cleaned out the car, replenished my first aid kit with pain killers and antacid tablets, packed up my emergency bikini kit and went to the carwash. Finally, I slipped on my shoes and ran out the door with all my crap. Running wildly now, I ran to the bank, went to Duncan Donuts and drove through the carwash. I was on my way!!!!!!!!
I had burned a few CD's for ride, New Order, Metal, Jazz, Tool, Goth, and New Wave. I planned on listening to the lighter stuff for the more pleasant parts of the trip, and listing to the metal CD which consisted of Tool, Metallica, Disturbed, Korn, and System of a Down when stuck in traffic. Well, no sooner did I get on the highway, I had to bust out the metal CD. Ugh. I continually hit pockets of traffic throughout the whole ride. For the most part, it was OK, though. I brought my lunch with me; tuna mac, homemade pickles and salt & vinegar chips. Somewhere in Connecticut, I stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom. Inside the bathroom stall, I saw this:

Now I was mortified! I hurried back to the truck and realized that I didn't have another pair of shoes besides some vintage shiny chunky heeled sandals from my great-aunt. Shoe shopping would become the number one priority on this trip. Because my feet are so messed up, I wasn't looking forward to finding Crocs in a foreign town!
Well, the drive must go on. I made my way to Massachusetts easily, and found the B&B without too much incident.
The hosts were nice, if not distant. The property was gorgeous! I felt like a Victorian heiress. I wish I had knit that fancy dressing gown I saved in my favorites on Ravelry. It would have fit in perfectly with the decor! My room was a beautiful shade of green-blue. It was very nicely decorated, Victorian Minimalist, if there is such a thing! The first thing of order was to unpack. I dumped out my travel bag onto the bed, than took the whole pile and shoved it into the armoire. There. Just like home :) With nothing to do until A called me, I settled into the fancy window nook overlooking the street to read my book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Just when our heroine started kicking zombie ass with her ankle dagger, A informed me that she had taken the day off and was ready for some fun. Yippee! She lives only 3 blocks from my weekend home, so she was there in minutes.
I was so excited to answer the door, and showed her around my home. It felt that way, as I seemed to be the only one there and I had a key for the front door. All my feelings of trepidation, "Will she like me?" "Will we get along?" were thrown out the window within moments. I was looking forward to all the weekend had to offer.
First, we went for a walk in the arborarium for look for frogs or toads. Studioloo on Rav was raffling off handspun for pictures of toads in the Story Time group, and I really, really wanted to win it. Unfortunately, between the fact that I am an amphibian repellent extraordinaire and A was yelling, "Hey, frogs! Where the hell are ya?" I think our chances of seeing one were cut to slightly impossible. We had a nice time, but my feet were really hurting. Next, we went to eat Thai food. We both asked for spicy, but the waitress talked us out of it and we were both satisfied with the level of heat in our meals. Besides, we had Thai iced tea, and that fixes everything! My tummy had been bothering me all day, so I chose to get most of my meal wrapped up for later. It was delish, though. Chicken and Pineapple Fried Rice. Mmmm.
We returned to A's pad, and I met her funny neighbor and her sweet hubby. He was slightly tramatized by all the giggling and laughing. And I tend to talk really, really loud when I'm that excited. We had some absinthe, (and A, I'm so sorry, I tried so hard to like it, but I just couldn't-I'll keep working on it!) and messed around on Rav, (of course!) and talked some more. I left with a bag of mohair and sweet knitting dreams. A walked me back to the B&B and I went to bed about 1. I even took off my shoes so I could sneak upstairs. Just like home!

Stay tuned to the next installment of "So, how was Boston?"


Anonymous said...

This sounds like an awesome time! Looking forward to the next installment.


MIQuilter said...

that sounds like such an awesome trip!!! I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Loved hearing about your trip and I look forward to reading more. I adore the shoe incident. :)

Diamond said...

I am so glad you had fun! I had a blast! Plus, my friend keeps telling me how awesome you are. I think he is obsessed with your hoop earrings. :D


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