Saturday, January 30, 2010

Down Day :D

So today I decided to have a down day. Magicstix and I will go to our fave fiber spot later and get our fix on. I have a secret Valentine's day Batt Swap in the fancy kitten group on Rav and have to get some supplies. I'm very excited about it. We also have a batt swap tonight that I have to card some shit up for. This whole phobia I have of late about taking crappy pictures is really affecting my blog and my Rav page. I have to figure out how to take better pictures. Then I can get on my Etsy store...

In other news, hubby has been saving pork bones for the last year, and while I was obsessively cleaning out the freezer, I decided they needed to become stock or leave. It's just roasted bones and tomato paste with mirepoix, leeks and bay leaves, since I don't have any herbs right now. As of now, it's been simmering for about 4 hours, and I'll probably leave it till about 8 o'clock. I also have split pea soup simmering for dinner, complete with smoked bones and pork shoulder. I can't wait!
Vacation savings is up to $30! I'm hoping to put aside $20 each paycheck. That would mean it will take roughly 10 years. Take into consideration that maybe one day I'll get paid more, and maybe I'll control my fibery urges around the holidays, that might be shorter! Yeah. Maybe it will be for my 45th Birthday! Then again, maybe life will really suck and I'll have to spend it all on bills, or on a new old car. Then I might go for my 60th Birthday!!!
Lastly, we finally ordered a new futon with bonus cash from xmas. It's coming on Monday. Hubby has been really weird and talking to our current futon, saying things like, "You wait 'till Monday, you'll see..."


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