Monday, February 1, 2010

Now in Brown!

Well, now Miukats come in brown, hair that is. Goodbye red and hello brown. Caramel brown. I think I picked that color because I was hungry... Just waiting for my hair to dry so I can see what a bad dye job I did on myself. The dye ran out before I was done, and I squished and squished and tried to get it saturated all the way through. At least the gray is covered. In any case, I had a nice weekend eating red velvet cake and making my friend spin. I got one bobbin of Verb dyed Polwarth spun and still have to spin another bobbin of brown Polwarth so I can finish the yarn for my Danish tie-shawl, which is actually my Ravelympics project. Bye for now. Watching one more episode of Farscape and bedtime for me!


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