Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh Trucky Truck!

We are experiencing a rocky initial relationship with the new (old) truck. Like a newly adopted child, it seems we need to get acquainted better before we make any decisions on if we really like her.  (The Tardis.  Behemoth.  Trucky truck.)  The day before we registered her officially, hubby broke off the oil dipstick tube.  We ended up plugging up that hole permanently and the prescription was get the oil changed every 2-3 months so you know it's clean.  Ok.  Not traumatic.  Today we took her out on the road for our first pallet-collecting trip.  I think we used 1/4 tank just to go a few miles because of nasty rush hour traffic.  She took 4 pallets like it was nothing, the workhorse that she is.  We didn't even have bungees or rope; just tossed 'em back there, said a prayer, and went home.  Windows were down, A/C blowing hot air.  Like a dream.  Then when we got home, my window wouldn't go up.  Dammit to hell.  Now we're stuck with an open window.  Tried taking the switch apart and checking the connections, but to no avail.  Hubby thinks motor is seized.  Crap.  It seems my new hobby is the truck.  Which may or may not be good.  At least I'll be getting experience in fixing cars like I always wanted.  Oy vey!!!


Sara MacKenzie said...

Oh, no! Get out the plastic and duct tape? Maybe you can find a mechanic and exchange some knitwear for services?

miukat said...

Hilarious! Turned out hubby messed with the window the next day, and it still wouldn't go up. Then he got pissed and started kicking the door. And the window went up, lol!

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