Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Brunch

Happy Birthday to me, (cha, cha, cha...) I'm having brunch today to celebrate my birthday, but the weather is soooo not cooperating. On the menu is St. Germain cocktail amended with violet liquor, French Toast with sausages, bacon and apricots, and potato boats with creamy scrambled eggs and an assortment of toppings: sour cream, cheese, scallions, caviar, and bacon bits. Looking forward to 11:00. Hope it goes well...

Well brunch was a smashing success. Everyone liked the new decor and appreciated how much hard work went into it. St. Germain was a hit, like I didn't know :D, and I made G & T's for everyone with the New Amsterdam Gin and those were also a hit. I think I found some "new gin" converts. These people will prolly love Aviations whenever I get around to buying some Maraschino liquor. We all love sweet stuff. Eventually I'll have to clean the kitchen, but not worrying about that. Off to bathe and read my new book, "The Discovery of Witches." I have a bunch of cocktail books arriving next week at the library and look forward to planning some hard-core cocktails parties. The dollar store had some mini cocktail glass gel candles for a dollar each and I pretty much bought them out so I can make mini-cocktail tasting flights. The candles that were actually clear look cute when burning, too for some ambiance. They have silver glitter in them and awesomely match the yellow/silver/teal/white color scheme I have going in the living room. Signing off. Vacation soon....hooray!!!


Sara said...

We need to hang out more. I'm a cocktail junkie and need more friends who don't just swill beer.

I made a batch of bacon vodka to make bloody marys with. It's delightful.

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