Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Hubby finally landed a full time position!  Yay!  The pay isn't great, but it's full-time with benefits so at least he's set up for the future for now.  I'm still working on getting a retro-active raise with my experience.  Hopefully it will pan out favorable for us.  In the meanthyme, um meantime, I have tiny itty bitty thyme seedlings.  You can barely see them.  Oh so cute!  I thought they would take a long time, but there they are.  Can't wait to see more seedlings tomorrow.  They grow so fast!  Saw some white mold/mildew forming so kept the top off all day to dry out some.  Hopefully I can avoid damping off.

In fibery news, finally dug out Guilia and recarded the green batts so I can continue working on my car coat.  I'm struggling with how to divide up the yarn.  I only dyed 16 oz of green, but prolly need 2-2 1/2 pounds of the MC.  Thinking of doing a fair isle bust, so the rest of the colors could be flexible.  Too many decisions!  Also, knit a bit on the sock that will not end.  Hopefully it will be done before I run out of yarn, or else I'll have to rip out some of the first one and finish it again.  BTW, I HATE SIZE 0 NEEDLES!  Onward.


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