Friday, February 14, 2014

Pax has brought me some peace!

Greetings from NC and Happy Valentine's Day!  Winter storm Pax has granted me early spring break.  At least, that's how I'm viewing it, since my district has now taken away two days from our upcoming break for make-up days.   Oh well.  It's not like I was going anywhere anyways.  It's a stay-cation no matter how you slice it.  The only difference is that I have no choice in staying, since we're pretty much snowed in.  No plows come down my road, and most in my neighborhood are retirees, with no interest in digging out to get anywhere.  We'll see what happens today.  Hubby has off till Monday, too.  We already discussed a crisis plan for him.  I have to keep him exercised so he doesn't turn aggressive, lol.  Looks like he's walking to Compare foods today...

Checking on seeds during week one is depressing.  Nothing going on at all.  It took me all day to sow 1 flat of perennials.  Though I wanted to recycle containers and spend minimal cash on seed-starting, I splurged for seedling plug trays.  At $5 a pop at Wally World, there's no reason for me not to buy them.  It's just easier.  I will recycle those next year.  First,  I dutifully filled the flats with peat-based seed starter.  Then I boiled some water to off-gas the chlorine in my tap.  Then I cooled the water with snow outside and bottom watered them.  A few hours later, dry as a bone.  Ugh.  Don't I already know this from boiling water in my basement years ago and wetting bags of peat?  So...I boiled the water again and mixed it in a stainless steel mixing bowl.  Ok, soil wetted.  Refilled the plugs, and then started planting.  After I spoke to my friend, I determined it's too early to plant vegetables.  So I figured I seed all my perennials which allegedly take forever.  Mind you, I don't even have garden beds in yet!  This truly is a fly-by-night operation.


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