Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've been bad...

I cast on another project gasp! I had some sparkly mohair bulky novelty yarn in my stash from Smiley's, and I was dying to start on a Twinkle pattern, so my mohair shrug is in the works.  I hate my Lion Brand needles and can't believe I bought them.  At least I had a coupon! I love Smiley's and they have a great selection of needles, but size 17 and 19 circs are not easy to come by, AND they all cost upwards of $14 a pair.  I don't need needles that are more expensive than the yarn!

My swallowtail will NOT be finished by April 1st.  I stopped mid-row and can't bring myself to pick it up right now.  It makes me want to cry.  My tank sweater has stumped me with the neck and shoulder casting off and I need someone to help me try it on and hold the needles to see if the mannequin and I have the same waist to shoulder measurements.  I know I could just use measuring tape, but I'm paranoid about stuff like that.  Pics to follow.  My free Flickr account is maxed out this month, just like my credit cards. Ugh.

Turns out my flickr account could take a few more pics! Miu-Miu is doing better. She's sleeping next to me on the futon. I feel relieved but wonder if/when something like this will happen again. What if I'm not home next time? It was really awful seeing her like that.

On a lighter note, my shrug is almost done, just a few more rounds and then BO. I found the perfect dress, one that I bought for my sister's wedding. It's a wine/black iridescent taffeta gown with spaghetti straps. I plan on making a fascinator to match with felt and feathers and possibly millinery netting. Also, I will knit or crochet beaded wire jewelery to match. AND I have awesome eyelashes to go with the outfit. They are multi-colored, feathered top and bottom lashes. I'll take pics when I get my lightbox together. Thats another thing on my agenda this week. This outfit is for a dinner dance for work next month. I will look like a freak, but everyone knows me now and I've built up their resistance to my freakiness, so I'm not concerned. I love driving in a pickup truck wearing wigs and gowns. It's so funny!


skein genius said...

I'm glad to hear that the kiddo is doing better. Your outfit sounds like it is going to be divine!Can't wait to see this shrug when its done...ooooh,and the fascinator too!

Anonymous said...

The yarn is so pretty and your outfit sounds like it will be perfect. Hope your kittie continues to get better. :)

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