Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here's my Hot Cross Buns from the King Arthur Flour website.  I think they came out good and I used my mini-tripod to take the shot.  Photography is not my thing.  I consistently forget to take pictures, even when I have my camera.  I guess I'm too much of an attention-whore to remember everyone else.  Oh well.  I'm working on it.  Still been off my feet for the whole weekend.  It's really sucked to be on the futon for three days.  Soon, I'll have to get ready to make the rounds.  I want to finish my pink sweater before tonight so I can wear it to my aunt's house and have everyone fawn all over it, but I fear this may not happen because I won't bring it to work on at my uncles house or it will smell like an old man bar from the '80s.   Maybe I'll wear my green crocheted sweater that I still haven't gotten a good photo of instead.  Yeah, that's it.  My mom is good at taking pictures and never gives up an opportunity to get some of herself, either.  Do you see where I get it from?  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday :P


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