Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to the Real World.

I'm broke.  Not just broke, but broke-ass damn broke.   I could've bought a used car for the price it cost to fix my car after the accident.  (It really was  a bargain AND my truck hasn't looked so nice since I first got it, so that's the only thing I could say that's good.).  Feeling down and out and like I really messed up my life.  DH is wonderful, and it's times like these I'm reminded why I married him.  I feel like the luckiest person alive to have someone so understanding at times like these.  So he can't stand my loud chewing or the way I hog the sheets and the bed, but when it comes down to when it matters, there's no one better. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you have a good dh and that your truck looks so good. Sorry that it cost so much.

miukat said...

Thank you for stopping by vickiknit :P The truck looks almost brand new (from the front!) and is running better than before.

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