Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DIPR (Daily Individualized Progress Report)

The title of this entry is named after the paperwork I do at work. This is my run down on things going on. So. I made my earth day bag and it came out cool and I hope to actually do some shopping eventually so I can use it. It's gray and has Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn hugging on the side. It's also kind of stained and gross, but it's a shopping bag, so I can forgive that. I might make a matching Joker bag, if I still have the t-shirt hubby got me. I'm not a baggy t-shirt kinda gal, so a large, boxy black tee with the Joker's head on the front is not something I want splayed across my chest in public. However, it can work for holding groceries. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I lent out my camera batteries to a friend over the weekend, then forgot them at work today. I will catch up with them ASAP.

I tried to clean up my humble abode a little today. With my feet being all messed up and generally tired and depressed, cleaning hasn't been a priority. Big plans like wardrobe reconstruction and planning need a neat and organized place. It looked like a nuclear warhead exploded. Now it looks like there was an earthquake. A small improvement, but progress nonetheless. In any case, I can't physically reach the sewing table in the craft room so cleaning up that mess in also in order. (In case you're wondering how I made my t-shirt bag without reaching the sewing machine, I have a dirty little secret: I have about 4 sewing machines. It's absolutely nuts. I didn't buy any of them. One is a working treadle machine, one is a white from the sixties, one is a crappy singer, and one is a sears. Each one has it's own issues. I'm afraid to get rid of any in case I have a sewing emergency, like I'm working on my Halloween costume the night before Halloween when the bobbin bird nests and stops working altogher. Yes, this has happened before. So anyway, I keep a sewing machine on my nightstand for quick sewing jobs. What a freak!)

Lastly, a word about my etsy shop. I really wanted to open it, however, due to a few reasons, I have decided to put this off for a while. One, I don't believe I have a quality product at this time. I need more practice carding before I try to sell anything. Two, I do not have anything that sets my products apart from anyone else's. I need a niche. Three, I have no money right now. Making money means spending money, and it's something I just can't do right now. Lastly, because my feet hurt so bad, I haven't been using my wheel at all, and before, I had no inspiration to use it. I'm going to pursue other endeavors, like sewing, for now, until I feel I'm ready to get back to spinning stuff. For now, I will continue to simmer up ideas and research stuff. Maybe by summer I will find something more promising. There a few things cookin' as we speak...


sahara said...

Hey there! Listen, if your feet aren't doing too good, wait to clean.
One of my friends broke her ankle cleaning. She slipped on a magazine and broke her ankle, and now has 8 pins and a plate in it.

Cleaning's overrated. If you absolutely have to, put it all in a big bag and wait till later!

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