Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yes, we went to comic-con, con being the operative word. In years past, it's been fun. I don't know what happened this year. Maybe it's because there wasn't much there that I was interested in. Even DH didn't see anything he wanted. We waited on line for a good 35 minutes before even entering. The highlight of my time there was this guy:

Unfortunately, he didn't seem too thrilled to get his picture taken, but he was gracious and said yes. I don't know if telling him my knitting group will all want to knit his hat made him feel better or worse!!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, Mohawk Man!


Anonymous said...

Love the hat, I'm so glad you were able to get a picture of it!

Cyn said...

I want to knit this! =)

Crow Calling Woman said...

OMG we have a hat similar to that style at the yarnshop I work at. It's in purple tones. It's a fun hat that'll turn heads.

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