Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peasant Food Rocks!

So I am still sick. I ran into my grandma at the doctor's office. It was nice to talk to her for a while. When I got home, I decided to make soup. Now, I have to tell you all, I only liked French Onion Soup for a very short period of time in my youth, until I really started to have a strong dislike for all things too onion-y. For some reason, this past week, I've had an onion soup craving like I couldn't imagine. I decided to do a roasted onion soup, to ensure the flavor was sweet and mellow and not too bold. I took a white onion, a red onion and a yellow onion, and three shallots and sliced them on the mandolin into a greased pyrex casserole, then put them into a 425 degree oven until they were caramelized, mixing a few times while cooking. At the same time, I roasted 4 beets and a head of garlic. When the onions were browned, I added some beef stock and put it all in a saucepan on the stove with the roasted garlic and some pepper and thyme. That boiled for about an hour. I found some ciabatta bread in the freezer and toasted up some slices with coarsely grated parmesean and that was my dinner. I'm hoping the garlic and onion will help me feel better sooner. I also made borscht. Four beets, one potato, a few baby carrots some beef bones and a tiny head of red cabbage all came together in my crockpot. I added some apple cider vinegar, dill and thyme, and I think it's coming out ok. I'll eat it with buttered rye bread tomorrow. Yum. Time for bed now. Cough, cough, sneeze.


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