Saturday, February 7, 2009

Will It Ever End?

Srsly.  What's the deal with boxy, chunky, 80s knits.  Haven't most of us seen this before?  We barely lived through it to tell of lace tank tops and rubber bangles, and teased, permed hair, studded belts, stirrup leggings, oversized sweaters and chunky, elastic belts and it doesn't look like there is an end in sight.  Take this sweater, for instance:

It's cute, boxy, kind of in the genre of the sixties. If I knit it now (and it IS chunky, so it would be done in about a week) what is the mileage on it? Will spring bring fine-gauge twin-sets? I don't know. All I can say is that there are many thousands of years of fashion. Can we draw from a new pool and stop recycling the 70s and the 80s exclusively? It's getting boring, you know.


Anonymous said...

I noticed Vogue magazine was full of super chunky items this time. You are right, the knitting would be quick, but how many people can actually get away w/wearing it and having it look nice.

miukat said...

I think the key is knowing what shapes look good on your body type, and choosing colors wisely. For example, I am a small to medium size, but I'm getting the "pooch" that sometimes accompanies aging in some women. Long sweaters only accentuate this, but a sweater that cuts off just below my waist, like this sweater, will hide that pretty well. I think the only way to become comfortable in knowing what looks good is trying on tons of clothes in the stores.

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