Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Little Bee

It's been a rough week, so I haven't had much to say. My plan as of Friday was to stay in bed the entire weekend. Luckily, by Saturday morning, I decided to change the plan. After I dropped hubby off at work, I went food shopping. We haven't done a real food shopping in a couple of months. Mostly it consists of small trips to the supermarket to buy what we need for dinner that night. I hate shopping like that because I know it wastes money and also, makes planning a nightmare!  I spent a pretty penny and now my crazy uncle has me going online to check out all the circulars on Saturday morning to see if there are any good sales on meat!  The freezer is stocked and it feels great!

Now for the booty!  I went to a garage sale that I found on craigslist to find fabric and trimmings.  The lady said she would bring them out next week because she didn't reach that part of the garage yet!  I bought that transferware plate for a quarter.  Next, I went down the block and found another sale.  I think I spent $6 on the chiffon hair bonnet, the cow hamburger patty press, the velvet table topper and the handkerchief.  Not bad for a morning out!  I think the bonnet wants to be artyarn, but not sure yet.  The velvet also wants to be something, but I'm not sure what yet.   It would be nice if the bustle made a comeback.  I might make one with it.   Last year, J and I put on a fashion show at a senior center.   I have to get to gettin and make some stuff to show, as this year hasn't been very productive as far as clothing is concerned.  J said she's dragging stuff out of the basement to show.  It should be interesting...


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