Sunday, May 24, 2009

Idiot Neighbor, Take 2

So I’m taking a nap, (I penciled one into my busy schedule of doing nothing) and I start to hear a weird hissy drippy sound. The cats have been evil since the middle of the night. One knocked over my fan and flower arrangement in the bedroom window at 3 AM, then he proceeded to knock over the litter box later on. The orange one woke me up at 5:30 by meowing and purring in my face, then I caught him on the kitchen counter when I heard strange noises in the kitchen. Back to the drippy sound. I am half asleep with one eye open, looking around the mess of my bedroom trying to locate the source of the sound. It seems to be coming from where my makeup is. Is it an aerosol can or pump hairspray about to explode? Is it an insect under the dresser? I look up and don’t see anything and the a$$hole upstairs has the music loud again so I can’t hear where it is coming from. The cats looked with me, and I could feel something spraying me in the face ever-so-lightly and I’m so confused. When I stand up and turn around, I see all kinds of water dripping from inside the doorway. I call for my husband, who is no where in sight, then proceed to find some clothes and go upstairs. What I see when I open the door is a waterfall of water dripping into the hallway right next to our apartment. My husband is already upstairs and apparently, idiot neighbor has clogged the toilet and didn’t f-in’ hear the waterfall afterwards because the god-dang music is too loud! The restaurant people from downstairs start ringing the bell wildly to let us know there is a leak in the restaurant, and we just told them it's the guy upstairs.  I swear my landlord saves the front apartment for idiots only. The last guy who lived there’s wife started a fire in the kitchen garbage (judging from the pile of beer bottles in the trash and the fact that she smokes and is stupid, I think she put the cig in the garbage) and tried to put it out with a pot of coffee, which dripped down my bedroom walls. That’s all for now. He turned the music down and I’m back to doing nothing. The world is safe…for now.


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