Monday, May 25, 2009

Pie Challenge!!

I started a group on Ravelry and am very excited. It's called Pie Challenge!! and it's a monthly challenge based on a theme. I will officially start the themes on June 1st, but decided to throw down a mini-challenge to get started. You had to make a pie out of stuff you have in the kitchen already, no shopping for ingredients. My contribution is German Chocolate Cake Pie and I'm very excited for it to cool down so I can eat it. Here's a tutorial:

First, bake a pie crust, fill it with pudding and a layer of cake

Get a simple syrup ready.  This one is flavored with chocolate vodka.

Using a pastry brush, soak the cake evenly until it is moist.

Then, spread on the second and final layer of pudding.

Finish off with a second layer of cake and spread on the topping.  I added some Bacardi 151 to temper the sweetness.
Here's what it looks like after the topping is spread on.

Finally, I found some ganache in the fridge and piped it on top to make it a little fancier.  Mmmm.  Cake-Pie!


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