Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Today I gave J her neckwarmer.  I was so happy to see it go to it's intended.  We did a lot of christmas-y stuff today like:  make eucalyptus bath melts, green tea cookie bath salts, lavendar bath salts, marbled peppermint bark, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.  Tomorrow, we'll make up a quick batch of half-sphere bath bombs.  I think she made pizzelles, too.  DH and I saw Broadway's version of "Young Frankenstein."  It was cute.  I especially liked the parts when they made new songs/scenes.   My only complaint is that I don't like when the Broadway actors try to hard to be the movie actors playing the part.  I think that actors need to bring their own experience/take on a character, rather than acting like another actor.  This was the same complaint I had about Little Shop of Horrors.  I wanted to see the Dentist, not an actor acting like Steve Martin acting like the dentist.  Still it was fun.  Must...finish...knitting... 


Cyn said...

Well, you certainly have been busy. And I see your point about the actors acting like actors. Stupid acting actors acting stupid like other stupid actors! Anyway, hello, I am not here to convert you! I'm visiting from Post Mortemland. =)
P.S. I do love Madeline Kahn!

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