Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting Early!

I'm trying out a new tradition.  It's based on a Chinese New Year Tradition.  It's Cleaning-The-House-Before-The-New-Year.  Last year, I tried to get on the cleaning bandwagon, with limited success.  Still have clutter, and stuff to move, but for the most part, we've donated a few truckloads of stuff to Sally's Department Store.  I got a cleaning caddy, learned about cleaning and have been moving slowly forward.  I'm not there, yet, but it's coming.  My real goal is to be a neat and clean person by the time I'm forty.  I have a few good years left before that happens.  I will cry on my birthday if that day comes and I wake up still a slob.  This year, the craft room is my focus.  It wants to be a storage space and I want it to be a work room.  We're still in the process of compromise.  The other thing is that my husband wanted the room to be storage, but I claimed it as my own immediately.  Sackgirl-in-progress stabbed him in the leg with a knitting needle, and i think he's had it.  This is not fair to him, especially when the spillover creeps into his domain:  the entertainment room.  I'd like to clean it up and work in there also to show him I respect his space because as of now, I don't.

In other news, I discovered/identified two key things about my personality:  I am a flutterer and (damn, I forgot the word.  Basically someone who likes to do things in short bursts)  I like to wash the dishes and clean the house when I can do it a few minutes at a time.  I never do all the dishes at once.   I like do a rack, let them dry, then go back.  Same with the rest of the chores.  Devoting big chunks of time to things I don't really like stresses me out.  Vacation has been good, because I have the time to live like this for now.  What will I do when work and school start?


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