Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tying Up Loose Ends

Woo Hoo!  Mushrooms for Color has arrived!!!  The famous first book (famous to mushroom dyers, that is) has come and it's wonderful.  The seller even tied a wonderful piece of yarn around the carefully wrapped tissue paper.  I'm so exicited!!!  I started cleaning the bedroom and craft room today.  At the very least, I'd like to wake up in the new year in a clean, fresh bedroom.   It was starting to look like one on "Clean House."  I'm taking the bed linens to the laundromat when I finish tidying up and hopefully, I will finish the last two inches of the leg so I can start on the heel flap.  I believe that the heel flap will give me a burst of vigor until I start getting bored with the foot.  Poor DH.  He really does put up with a lot of messiness.  Today I'd like to return my library books, find that damn Twinkle book,  go to Central Park with P and make a nice dinner with Mr. Miukat.  Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men... 

I'd like to say that I did everything I wanted to today, but it would be a lie.  I cleaned the craftroom up a bit, and can see the floor now.  That's super exciting!  Also, I made beef stew and red velvet cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese icing at DH's request.  He's still playing video games, though and hasn't noticed.  I also did some laundry and have only 1 inch to go before I work on the heel flap.  It's already 11!  


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