Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mr. Sandman...Bring Me a Dream

Good Morning! The day is already starting out way better than yesterday. The cats are licking their chops from breakfast and the house is quiet. I spent about a half-hour in bed this morning dreaming happy wakeful new project thoughts. I don't know if this happens to any of you out there in Blogland, but right before I fall asleep and right as I am waking up, the weirdest projects come to me. It's how I conceptualized my niece's birthday cakes, and wedding dress, and I love when it happens. Well, I guess something happened when I was sleeping and the "Tinsel Bikini" somehow weavedknit it's way into my subconscience and came out early this morning as "KnitBits-12 months of Knit Bikinis." Oh yeah. I have one for every month, save May, as nothing much really happens in May, and I have flowers on my August bikini. Here's a list:

January-Fancy New Year's Bikini-silver fun fur
February-Valentines Day Bikini-pink, white, and red, with a big red heart on the each triangle cup
March-St.Patrick's Bikini-Green bikini with rainbow i-cord ties and black wide waistband on the hipster with a big gold buckle. Accesories include a pot-o-gold purse, black with crocheted gold coins on top.
April-Easter Bikini-white angora bikini with knit bunny ears and a pompom tail
May-May Flowers-Basketweave crochet bikini with flowers trimming the waist and top
June-Grass Bikini-green fun fur bikini accessorized with red ginham and a picnic theme
July-Fourth of July Bikini-blue triangle top bikini with stars on each triangle cup, red and white striped bottoms
August-Birthday Bikini-yellow bikini with jewel-toned crocheted flowers (like my birthday dress)
September-Back to School Bikini-White halter top bikini with collar and pink tie, gray bottoms with pleated flouce.
October-Hunting Bikini-Camo bikini with saftey orange trim and button down, wide leg-warmers
November-Thanksgiving Bikini-Brown bikini with turkey tail
December-Christmas Bikini-haven't decided yet

So you see, I have issues. Off to clean the kitchen, make red velvet cake and dye my reclaimed mohair.

Here it was before: Here it is after:
I call it Raspberry Truffle. I know it's not very original, but I like it. Off to watch football and get some knitting on the socks-that-will-take-forever (STWTF for short).


Anonymous said...

I really like the raspberry truffle color- I learned something new, I didn't realize you could re-dye yarn. Very nice!!

miukat said...

Thank you so much. There's always the option of redyeing, as long as it's a natural fiber, or nylon. Other synthetics need dye that is not available for home-dyers.

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