Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's the friday after Christmas and I'm sick, tired, and broke.  I had a wonderful holiday, but the day was long.  The hour and a half drive back from upstate on Christmas eve was through a dense, gray fog.  We didn't wake up until 12 on Christmas.  DH has been sick, and I think he may have spread his disease to me.  I vow that the new year will be better.  On a lighter note, in order to get my mind off the possibility of vomiting, I have been considering the idea of getting this.

Here is a bad picture of my fiber stash.  (I didn't get the camera I wanted for Christmas, but it's ok.  I think I may read our camera manual and try to do better.)
Jasper, the 20 pound cat in the corner, will give you an idea of the scale of my stash.  I found adult natural mohair, merino fleece, a few pounds of merino roving, a few ounces of dog hair, a few ounces of cat hair, black shetland fleece, free brown mystery fleece, free gray mystery fleece, mohair roving in blues, gray roving, brown/multicolor roving, green merino tussah roving, random odd dyed bits, tussah roving, purple roving with blue angelina, pink and orange dyed merino fleece, and I think that's it.  NOW, if anyone believes that I DON'T need a drum carder, SPEAK NOW, or forever hold your fleece peace.


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