Saturday, December 27, 2008


I went out this morning to get cat food, parked my truck, then noticed a bunch of wires and lightbulbs hanging out of the hole where my tail light should be.  Ugh.  I can't use my truck until I get a replacement.  I spent the better part of the day doing fibery things to get my mind off it.  First, I took some roving that's been in my stash for years and started spinning it.  Don't know much about wpi, but like most yarn that I make, it will be a 2-ply and is slated to become a cropped vest.  So far I've got a bobbin and a half.  If I had to guess at wpi, I'd say it's 9-12.  It's grayish, with burgundy and dark green streaks, with some flash.  It will make a good top to a sexy librarian outfit!

J and I went thrifting, and I bought some sweaters for the frog pond.  The first one was a complete bust.  It was ladder yarn, and I thought it had sequins stranded with it, but upon frogging, I realized the sequins were sewn in.  The yarn was hard to frog, so I gave up.  It was a silk/nylon mix and had beautiful drape.  Oh well.  Lessons learned.  AND, it had a crocheted edging on the hem AND was edged with a chain stitch thingy which did NOT want to unravel.  
The next sweater was an Italian hand-knit mohair sweater.  The sewing yarn was really hard to see.  I did waste a bit, but got a big, hunkin' skein in the end.  There are a bit short lengths in it.  It's not a problem, though.  It was so damn annoying to frog that I can't imagine anything I knit from it coming undone.  Tomorrow I will try to kettle dye it brown/pink.  That failing, I will overdye it burgundy.  That's all for now.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better day.


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