Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Mac'd out

So, we didn't win, but that's OK! We looked good, ate well, and met new people. What more is there? The place was a bit of mayhem, and I never really go to Brooklyn, but the impression I got was the general attitude is everybody has come from somewhere else in the country and now that they are New Yorkers, they're too cool to talk to people. There was a trend of having a blank, forlorn expression when looking out into the crowd. J and I are SO the opposite. We smile, are friendly and like to talk to everyone. We felt like we stuck out like sore thumbs with our corsets and macaroni earrings! I guess pink mohair and green reptile are not in fashion at this time in that section of Williamsburg. To be fair, there were some people who were friendly and commented on J's fabulous macaroni jewelery, and I do have phobia of not looking cool and being an outsider when I go to new places, so some of it may have been in my head, but no matter. It's just not the type of place I'm used to going. Had there been drag queens...

Anyway, there was a ton of great macaroni to eat and some bland macaroni. To be fair, ours wasn't the best. We did like the one that ultimately won, a concoction called "Sweet Cheezus." Our most fav, though, had Gruyere cheese in it. The two main problems I had with our entry were that the color was not as appetizing as it could have been. Next time, I'm reaching for the annatto. The other thing is we were so unsure of how many people would be there that we overestimated the amount of macaroni to use, and because we are broke, underestimated the amount of cheese sauce we would need. To make it clear, our macaroni and cheese was on the dry side, not hot and gooey and bubbly, like I had envisioned it. Everything else worked, though, and it had a nice bite to it from the mustard and the cayenne pepper. We only went through one tray, so we took the other one home, divied it up and will have it for lunch. This is not the last time the s'MACdown will hear from us!


Melissa said...

hey! i was looking to see if anyone had any fun recaps of the mac&cheese competition and came across the blog! very nice!!! i, for one, think the s'macdown could have used some more macaroni jewelry! thanks for competing maybe i'll see you guys on the blue ribbon circuit in the summer!

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