Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Going Strong

Well, it's day three of my cleaning up weekend, and I'm still going strong. All the dishes are clean, the refrigerator is cleaned up and out, and I made dinner AND dessert. (2nd attempt at pork-fried-rice, better than first, but must use day-old rice. Made Chocolate Bundt Cake with a tad bit of ginger that was barely detectable to DH. I just kept smiling when he asked me what was in it. Oh, and I bought a plastic cake saver container, so I don't have to wrap up my cakes in loads of plastic wrap and have forsaken paper plates, even though my DH isn't aware, yet.) J and I went to BJs and stocked up on essentials. Yes, chocolate chips are essentials in my household, as well as cocoa and 8 pounds of butter. Also, I made two meatloaves and a gallon ziploc of meatballs to freeze as well as a bunch of breakfast sausage patties from the log of Jimmy Dean sausage. I can't wait to eat sausage omelettes! My mom helped me (through a three-hour conversation) to figure out what to do with the stack of papers and junk in my bedroom, I clipped three magazines and organized the clippings (which, to be fair, was easy because I already started a fancy plastic accordion file folder a few months ago), sorted through important papers that I have no idea about, printed out my yearly free credit reports, and am meeting with my stepmom next week to go over my financial mess of a life. Still haven't finished my paper, though. Today is do or die. I will try to do laundry, clean the kitchen and write my paper, so I can finally knit the sleeves on my sweater. Bye for now!

Here is the view from my window. It's snowy out there!

Well, I have citrus chicken in the Romertopf and I can't wait to eat it! I looked into visualization as a method for healing myself and think I should try. After all, when all is said and done it's pretty much free and you do it to yourself. I don't necessarily believe that you can do it wrong; people have been doing it since the dawn of civilization. I don't need technology, ok, maybe a tape recorder, but I don't think I need a CD or pay for someone to prescribe a method to me.

Tonight I worked a little bit on a visualization sequence to record for myself. I'm prescribing twice a day, once upon awakening and once when I lay down for bed. I will also add in 5 minutes of breathing meditation when I get home from work. I believe this will fix me up. I know everyone believes it's in my head, and if I created it, I can destroy it! I based it on the one I found on this website, but modified it to fit me better. I know little about the human body and how it works, so I've decided to invent my own picture of how it works.

Basically, the oxygen will act like scrubbing bubbles in my body and clean out whatever it is that is hurting, like inflammation or arthritis or whatever. Then, when it has come all the way around, it will be expelled along with carbon dioxide through my mouth. It will also help me remember that each day is new, and each night is time for rest, and that the days before do not matter. (Almost like what the Dog Whisperer says!)

So, I'm not the "type" of person who is spiritual or believes in anything except that I will never know what lies ahead until I get there, and when I get there, I won't be me like I am now so me, as in the ME who is writing this, will never know, and I don't care to know because I still have to go to work tomorrow and I still have to eat dinner and feed the cats and pay my bills, but because it doesn't seem like anyone has the resources or inclination to help me who is covered by my health plan, self-guided visualization imagery therapy seems to be what I really think will finally work for me. I just better be careful not to think about babies! (Gasp!)


Anonymous said...

"It will also help me remember that each day is new, and each night is time for rest, and that the days before do not matter" - I will have to remember this, it is so very true. I enjoyed seeing the snow from your window!

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