Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's Get the Ball Rolling!

It's still before 10, and I've actually accomplished a lot already. I know what you're thinking, that's not like me at all! Seriously. I'm trying very hard to adhere to the Nike slogan in life. It's time for a short break, and I'm happy to report, I'm spending it here, updating. I don't like working. It interferes with my life. In any case, it's been so busy, I haven't had time to do anything, never mind, blog about it. Unless you want to hear about autism. But this isn't an autism blog, it's a knitting blog, and I have called off the entire sweater project until I get my ass is gear with all the responsibilities that have been piling up on the back burner and are ready to boil over. Since this is primarily a knitting blog, we won't go into details; suffice to say that I will know in the coming week if I am going to school this semester. My life has been laissez-faire lately, and the trust that everything will work out without my intervention has bottomed out. I don't expect this pro-active change in outlook to last, but if I can keep it up for another week, I'll be in a good place. I wrote a list, and those of you who know me know I'm infamous for writing lists, but I'm actually crossing things off of it! It's a miracle!

I only have a few minutes until I have to go back to work, however, I think it important to talk about cha-cha. One cannot think about cha-cha and not think abou cocktails. I WILL have a retro cocktail party one day, complete with cheesy cha-cha renditions of old standbys. I LOVE my cha-cha records! It's like I am Holly Golightly, except I am not married to an old guy, and don't have a cat named Cat anymore, and I never was a hillbilly. Oh well. 10 o'clock, baby. Time to get back to work...


Shana said...

my tribal figure would love to cha-cha with you!

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