Friday, January 2, 2009

The Final Days Are Here...

Here is the before of Lamb's Pride Bulky: Here is the after:
Left to Right: Gray fleece, Merino roving, Mohair fleece
Good Morning!  It's a lovely thing to wake up to an exhausted dyebath.  Whew!  I was wondering how much more fiber I was going to have to  put in the damn thing.  The Lamb's Pride Bulky dried OK.  It's more emerald than turquoise.  Maybe it wants to be a hat or a neckwarmer.  I don't know-if I don't use it up, it will get destashed.  What I learned is that a color that saturated is not worth messing around with. It was hard to destash it, though, because it's wool! The gray fleece dried nicely, save for the fact there so much dirt and VM in it.  The picture isn't so good. It's still a winey-burgundy. I think I call it "Bordeaux Stain." It's like someone spilled wine on it. I might have to comb it to get it to submit.  Merino roving, STUPENDOUS!  I'm loving it!  It's almost identical to a favorite mohair roving of mine.   The dyes separated and made lilac and blue.  Maybe "Arucana," after the "Easter Egg Chicken." I love a nice surprise.  Lastly, the mohair fleece took up the leftover blue nicely, though it, also, is very dirty. I will call it "SnowDrift" Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty.  Come and play with mommy!

Vacation is winding down.  I really do have to finish my paper before Monday.  Blech.
Here's my Baby Cables and Big Ones, Too. She's coming along well, though I'm not completely sold on the variegated yarn. I'll have to see what it looks like when finished, in some good light. Worst case scenario, I'll overdye gray. No biggie. It still is yarn from my stash, any way you slice it! I've made a few minor mistakes that I know of so far, but nothing catastrophic. I'm on Round 48 and it's been two days. Of course I've been knitting obsessively, seeing as I only have two more days left until vacation ends. We'll see what happens. I'd like to at least separate the sleeves and work on the body by Monday. Besides, that's when Kitten is supposed to arrive. Wouldn't want her to get lonely the first few days here, now would we?


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